60 Servosystem 0.4kw 3000rpm 3m cable

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CN2 Cable + terminal bord *

Servosystem med matchande motor, drivare, 3m encoder och motorkablage .
Beställningsvara om ej i lager, leveranstid ca 3v (broms eller absolut encoder= 5v)

Se datablad för mer info

    Servo Drive Feature:
  • 1. Power Voltage: single phase AC 220V ±15% or 3 phase AC 220V±15%.
  • Nominell kraft: 1.27Nm
  • Servodrivare: EPS-B2-0D40AA
  • 2. Control Model: Position, speed, torque, speed trial run, and JOG trial run.
  • 3. Built-in regenerative brake.
  • 4. Wire-saving encoder 5000ppr 
  • 5. Speed frequency response≧400Hz.
  • 6. Speed fluctuation is less than 0.01% of rated speed.
  • 7. Analog input +-10v
  • 8. Input pulse frequency: 0~500 KHz (Line driver) 0-200KHz (Open collector)
  • 9. Applicable for servo motor with less than 5 times moment of inertia.
  • 10. Strong protection function, abundant control models and higher performance.
  • Servo Motor Feature:
  • 1. The max torque is up to 300% of rated torque.
  • 2. The max current is up to 300% of rated current.
  • 4. Be used to drive the feed shaft of various machineries.
  • 5. Various models (100W~22KW, with brake etc)
  • 6. Standard protection configuration is IP65. (Cable connector protection class only for >130)
  • 7. Standard motor is with oil seal and keys with screw thread.
  • 8. The malfunction ratio is less than 0.01% within 18 months warranty.
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